Transforming the alternative lending space.

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform the alternative lending space to a space of trust by helping small and mid-sized businesses grow without the stress of applying for a small business funding through a traditional lender like a bank which will take months to get you an answer and requires a mountain of paperwork. We can get your company funded in 24- 48 hours with minimum paperwork and excellent customer service that is second to none.

Banks reject most small business applications, because they prefer to fund large corporations instead. When you work with Thor Capital Group , you can get the funding you need faster, and you can trust us to clearly explain the process and your funding options, as well as answer any questions you might have along the way anytime.

Where Can I Find An Alternative Lending Space?

You can find an Alternative Lending Space with Thor Capital Group! If you are tired of traditional lenders denying your loan applications, look no further than an Alternative Lending Space with us! We are here to revolutionize the way you access finance. With our comprehensive platform, we connect borrowers with professionals who understand the unique financial needs and challenges businesses face. Whether you need funds for expansion or purchase of inventory, our service offers flexibility and convenience.

Say goodbye to lengthy paperwork and long waiting times! Our Alternative Lending Space allows you to complete the entire application process online, from the comfort of your home or office. Gone are the days of scheduling meetings with bank executives or sending multiple papers. Within minutes, you can apply through our easy-to-use portal and receive a personalized offer designed specifically to meet your requirements. But wait, this gets even better! Unlike traditional banks that focus heavily on credit scores, our Alternative Lending Space takes a holistic approach. We consider several factors when evaluating your application, so we provide opportunities for those who have been overlooked in mainstream lending channels.

If you’re tired of traditional lending institutions rejecting your loan applications, look no further! Thor Capital Group has the right Alternative Lending Space, where the financial possibilities are diverse. Here you can find innovative services designed to meet your unique lending needs. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for start-up capital or one looking to expand, our Alternative Lending Space has you covered. Our service is the perfect solution for individuals and companies looking for financing options outside of the conventional banking system. With our platform, you can finally access the funds you need to grow your business or achieve your personal goals.

At our company we consider factors beyond credit scores! This means that even if you have had financial problems in the past, there is still a chance that you will obtain financing in this dynamic market. Also, speed is key at our company. Forget long waiting periods filled with lengthy paperwork and delays. With our online platform and streamlined process, getting funds is fast!

How Can I Apply For A Loan With An Alternative Lending Space?

Complete the application and go! It only requires giving basic information. Say goodbye to long waits, excessive paperwork, and strict eligibility criteria. With our Alternative Lending Space, applying for a loan is easy and convenient. Imagine being able to complete your application online from the comfort of your home, without ever setting foot in a bank. Our innovative platform allows you to avoid all the hassle and connects you directly with a professional! We are ready to provide you with funds quickly and efficiently.

You no longer need to collect a lot of financial documents or spend hours looking for information just to apply for a loan. Our Alternative Lending Space simplifies the entire process, allowing you to apply with just a few clicks. You can also say goodbye to waiting weeks for a decision! Time is of the essence when it comes to financial matters, which is why we at our company provide quick responses and quick access to funds.

Our platform caters not only to those with high credit scores, but also to people who may have faced challenges obtaining loans through traditional channels. We can help you achieve your goals! So if you need a loan but are tired of the traditional lending process, look no further than our Alternative Lending Space! Here, applying for a loan is quick, easy and hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you can access funds to meet your financial needs without the long wait times and extensive paperwork associated with traditional loans.

Our Alternative Lending Space offers several benefits that differentiate us from other options. First, we offer flexible payment terms to suit your circumstances. Whether you need short-term financing or a longer term, we have options available to suit your needs. Secondly our application process is completely online, allowing you to apply from the comfort of your home at a time that suits you, no more rushing through office hours! Lastly, our dedicated team is always ready to help you through the entire loan application process. With Thor Capital Group‘s smooth and user-friendly platform, applying for a loan is easy. Forget stressful bank visits and long forms; instead, welcome fast approvals and fast disbursements from our Alternative Lending Space

Are Alternative Lending Spaces Reliable?

The answer is a resounding yes! Alternative Lending Spaces offer an innovative and efficient way for borrowers to access the funds they need without the hassles of traditional banks. Imagine being able to get a business loan in a matter of hours, instead of weeks. With Alternative Lending Spaces, this dream becomes a reality. These services directly connect lenders and borrowers providing fast response times.

In a world where traditional lending institutions are very strict and exclusive, Alternative Lending Spaces have emerged as a breath of fresh air. By offering flexibility, accessibility, and speed, these have revolutionized the way individuals and businesses can access much-needed funds. Imagine being able to get a small business loan in hours instead of weeks or months. With Alternative Lending Spaces, this dream becomes a reality, as they streamline the application process and make decisions based on different criteria.

One of the key benefits of Alternative Lending Spaces is their ability to serve people with less than ideal credit scores. Whether you need capital for debt consolidation, business improvements, or unexpected expenses, alternative lenders focus on your current financial situation rather than dwelling solely on past mistakes. Without strict requirements or lengthy approval processes, alternative lenders consider many factors beyond credit scores. This opens up opportunities for individuals or businesses with poor credit histories to obtain financing when they need it most. Whether you’re looking to expand your small business or consolidate existing debt, these services provide custom solutions to fit your unique circumstances.

Thor Capital Group is the ideal alternative lender! We offer competitive rates compared to other loan options. By leveraging technology, our platform streamlines operations and passes cost savings to borrowers in the form of lower interest rates. Our lending space offers a range of benefits that differentiate us from other traditional loan services. We provide flexibility in the terms of our loans, allowing borrowers to choose options that fit their unique financial situations. Plus, our application process is simple and straightforward, with no lengthy paperwork or months of waiting.

What Alternative Lending Spaces Are Highly Recommended?

Thor Capital Group is the ideal! Our alternative loan space is where you find different possibilities, we are a highly recommended option for satisfied customers who have already tried our services. We connect borrowers directly with the right financing options, cutting out the middleman and allowing for more flexible loan terms. Imagine getting a loan with interest rates tailored to your unique financial situation! Our company offers these benefits and more.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur seeking funding for your start-up or an artist seeking support for your next creative project, Alternative Lending Spaces provide a platform for people from all walks of life to come together and make their dreams come true. These services offer flexible financing options for small businesses that traditional banks may miss. Gone are the days of lengthy approval processes and strict criteria, Alternative Lending Spaces provide quick access to capital with minimal paperwork.

With Alternative Lending Spaces, you’ll get a quick decision on your application so you can take advantage of opportunities as they arise. When you choose these alternatives, you’re not only getting access to financing, you’re joining a community that provides personalized guidance every step of the way. At Alternative Lending Spaces you have access to a team of experts who will work closely with you to tailor specific loan options to your requirements and help you build a successful financial future.

Whether you’re a startup looking for start-up funding or an established company in need of working capital, Alternative Lending Spaces has you covered. One size does not fit all when it comes to financial needs. From short-term loans to lines of credit, these services offer customized solutions tailored to your specific requirements.m Also, the speed at which funds are disbursed through alternative spaces is truly remarkable. While traditional banks can take weeks or even months to approve a loan, these alternatives guarantee quick access to funds in a matter of days, sometimes even hours! This rapid response time is crucial for companies facing urgent cash flow challenges or seizing time-sensitive opportunities. In conclusion, if you are looking for efficiency in financing options, look no further than Thor Capital Group.

What Can An Alternative Lending Space Do For My Business?

An Alternative Lending Space is designed to provide a lifeline for your business by offering a variety of financing solutions that can transform your operations. Whether you need capital to expand your inventory or invest in new equipment, our flexible loan options can make it happen. With our streamlined application process, you’ll experience fast approvals and funding, allowing you to seize opportunities and boost your business. Time is of the essence when it comes to growing your business. That’s why we’re here with services that eliminate the lengthy paperwork and long waiting periods typically associated with traditional loans. With state-of-the-art technology we can quickly assess your creditworthiness, which allows us to offer quick decisions on loan applications. Imagine having access to funds in a matter of hours instead of weeks or months!

If you’re tired of traditional lending institutions turning down your business loan applications, look no further than our Alternative Lending Space! With our expedited financing process, you can take advantage of time-sensitive opportunities including purchasing inventory at discounted prices. In today’s business environment, agility is key. Traditional lenders often have strict eligibility criteria that restricts obtaining financing for many small businesses. Look no further than Thor Capital Group! We offer an innovative solution that can give your business the financial support it needs to thrive and grow. With flexible loan terms and fast approval processes, our Alternative Lending Space offers a lifeline to businesses in need.

Imagine being able to access funds for equipment upgrades, inventory purchases, or even expansion plans in days instead of months. You can do it with an Alternative Lending Space! Put aside the tedious paperwork, here we can provide you with loans tailored specifically to your industry. Make sure you get competitive rates and flexible payment options with our Alternative Lending Space.

We fund all small businesses across the United States. We provide quick working capital loans for businesses in all industries, including high risk industries!

* What Are Alternative Lending Spaces?  

Alternative Lending Spaces are services that provide a fast and flexible way to access the necessary capital, unlike traditional channels that require tedious paperwork and long waiting times. Imagine being able to fund your dream business venture in a matter of hours instead of months! With Alternative Lending Spaces, this becomes a reality. Flexibility is a key advantage they offer. Each borrower has unique financial needs and circumstances, and as a result, they offer customizable loan options with different repayment terms and interest rates to suit each situation. This flexibility allows borrowers to find customized solutions that align with their specific goals and constraints.

If you’re tired of traditional lending institutions and their paperwork, strict requirements, and slow approval processes, look no further than these alternative services! Unlike conventional banks, their innovative platforms offer quick and hassle-free access to funds with minimal documentation. Imagine skipping tedious waiting periods: alternative lenders provide a helping hand for small business owners, the self-employed, and individuals who need quick financial assistance.

Alternative Lending Spaces are services that offer a variety of benefits when it comes to financing, such as faster approvals, flexible terms, and reduced paperwork. One of the main advantages is the speed at which loans are approved. Traditional banks often require a lot of paperwork and lengthy approval processes that can take weeks or even months. By contrast, alternative spaces use state-of-the-art technology and streamlined procedures to provide quick decisions on loan applications. This means you can get the funds you need in record time, whether it’s to expand your business or cover unexpected expenses. Thor Capital Group is the alternative solution!

* Are Alternative Lending Spaces Better Than Traditional Banks?

Alternative Lending Spaces offer a fresh and innovative approach to financing that leaves traditional banks behind. With their flexible terms and streamlined application processes, these alternative services are revolutionizing the way people and businesses access finance. Gone are the days of extensive paperwork, long waiting periods, and strict credit requirements. Alternative lenders prioritize your unique circumstances and provide custom solutions to meet your needs.

One of the most significant advantages of Alternative Lending Spaces is their ability to serve those who may not meet traditional banking criteria. If you have a low credit score, these services know that financial health is more than just the numbers on a balance sheet. By considering a variety of factors, alternative lenders can more accurately assess risk and provide loans that reflect your true ability to repay.

Alternative Lending Spaces have a remarkable delivery speed compared to traditional banks. Although the approval process for a bank loan can take weeks or even months, these modern services allow for quick decision-making, this means spending less time and focusing on other things that matter. These services offer a fast approval process. You will no longer have nights worrying about whether or not your loan application will be accepted by traditional banks!

With these alternative services, you can say goodbye to rigid loan terms that can cripple you. These services offer custom loan solutions designed specifically for you. Whether it’s a flexible schedule or lower interest rates that better fit your budget constraints, these lenders work to help you achieve long-term financial success. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all loans as Thor Capital Group gives you personalized options.

Why Thor Capital Group?


Other lenders boast speedy approvals but require merchants to complete extensive and intrusive forms. Our easy application process is built around an in-house communication center that gives our Funding Advisors and underwriters instant access to the information they need to quickly and easily provide working capital, with approval in as little as 2-5 business hours and funding in as little as 1 business day.


Our sustainable lending practices are designed to help small businesses get ahead. Traditional lenders reject most applications for small business loans, but at Thor Capital Group, approvals are based on your business’s potential—not your credit rating—so we’re able to fuel the growth of more small and mid-sized businesses. We won’t over-leverage your business, and unlike some lenders, we don’t restrict how you use your funds.


We know there’s no “one size fits all” small business lending solution. After you fill out our quick online application, you’ll speak to a real person who will take the time to get to know your business and help you understand your funding and repayment options. If you have any questions throughout the process, your Funding Specialists is there to help—we respond to all voicemails and emails within an hour.

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Bezvalley Pest ControlBezvalley Pest Control
00:31 27 Apr 22
My experience with Thor Capital Group was pleasant beautiful!!, Daniel Wilson handled our loan extremely professional. Daniel was able to successfully completed our loan without any problems. We have no words to describe his advise and consultation work his done with my business Bezvalley Pest Control. Everything was so much streamlined and smooth it was just mind boggling to sit back and see how Daniel handled all our paperwork accurately from start to finish without any mistakes. We highly recommend Daniel Wilson and his company for any financial needs you might have , we give them 8-stars. THANK YOU DANIEL!!!!!
Rapid Credit BoostersRapid Credit Boosters
17:40 14 Jan 22
Such an outstanding company, got me over $300k on total, great payback options, so appreciative.
17:28 27 Apr 21
Very professional, excellent customer service. Ray is the best person I have ever dealt with. Very honest, does what he says he will do. I recommend this company for all your financial needs. Ray is the best but I'm sure you will get the same excellent care from others there in the company. If it can be done they will do it, if it can't be they will be honest and tell you it can't be done. Best company I have ever dealt with in the many many years I have been in business. Took care of us like we were family. Thank you Ray so much for what you have done for us!
Jack DayonJack Dayon
20:20 05 Mar 20
Clemy helped me get capital to expand my shipping business when my bank, Bank of America, couldn't. Great guy, great company! Highly recommended.
14:47 07 Jan 20
Fantastic service and professionalism had a bad experience with other companies and they really got to work and have me the best interest rates. Thank you! Would highly recommend